Aug 30, 2020 | Rev. Anton Heuss

Means of Grace 8: Craving the Word

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In this mini-series, we study how the Bible tells us to expect Christ to be working in our lives. Christ's chosen ways of working in us are called "the means of grace." The idea is that Christ has accomplished salvation through His death and resurrection and is now applying that salvation to His people in specific and concrete ways He has revealed to us in Scripture. As those who have been transferred into His Kingdom, every Christian needs to know the ways of our King, the specific ways He grows us and builds us up in the knowledge of His great love. He is the vine and we are His branches. As branches, we cannot grow ourselves. He must send life-nourishing sap from Himself as the Vine into us as the branches, and the means of grace are the ways He has chosen to do just that.