Adult Sunday School (9:30AM)

summer series: overview of the heidelberg Catechism


Life is complicated. How do you navigate the complexities of life? The Heidelberg Catechism provides a good framework to guide us through a life that is often messy and difficult. It does so  that by faithfully summarizing the teaching of Scriptures as a whole. It does not replace Scriptures or have equal authority to them. But it does allow us to learn time-tested wisdom from our fellow believers down through the ages and to check our understanding of biblical teaching against it. In so doing, we become wise and mature as we navigate life's complexities.

Wednesday Adult Bible Study (6:45PM)

Current study: 2 Corinthians

Our midweek Bible study is currently on break for the summer. It will resume on Wednesday, August 1. This midweek Bible study is all about refreshment in God's Word and in fellowship with one another. Men and women of all ages, some from Bethel and some from our community, gather at church on Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM. Usually we study a book of the Bible, tracing themes coordinated with adult Sunday School in accordance with our discipleship strategy. We frequently have newcomers from our community join us on Wednesday nights. We'd love for you to join us in August!


Small Groups

Spring study: Living in the gap between promise and reality

We currently have two small groups that meet on first and third Sundays for fellowship and for a time of prayer, singing, and Bible study. See the bulletin for details on times, locations, and current studies. This summer both groups are studying Ian Duguid's book Living in the Gap between Promise and Reality





Christ called us to be and to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching to observe all that Christ commanded. At Bethel we have developed a plan for making disciples. First, since only the gospel grows believers, we proclaim the good news of what God has done for us in Christ as the sum and substance of every Sunday school lesson—without exception. Second, we focus on four key areas of growth and plan our teaching around them. Based on Scripture, a mature disciple is characterized by four basic attributes, summarized in the acronym TREE:
  • Thirsting for Christ
  • Reaching Others (loving others as Christ has loved us)
  • Exalting God (in all of life)
  • Evangelizing (sharing the good news with others)
Adult Sunday school regularly teaches through these four topics to stir growth. By working out the implications of the gospel for each topic, we trust God will grow and mature us in Christ.