Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School
Every Sunday, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Location: Bethel Church PCA Dallas, 17990 Midway Road, Dallas, TX US 75287


Our biggest joys and our deepest hurts have been in relationships. So when it comes to relationships, we can be naive or jaded. They are filled with struggle and potential: we have potential to do great damage because of remaining sin our hearts, and we have potential because Christ saves us from ourselves. Human wisdom offers ways to change your relationships without really changing yourself. The wisdom of the gospels shows us that our greatest problem is ourselves, but we are powerless to change ourselves: we need a Redeemer. Christ offers clear hope for our relationships. As He indwells us, we begin to be a people who love He loves.

Our fall Sunday school class will study Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp's book Relationships: a Mess Worth Making. Our discipleship plan emphasizes four key areas of growing maturity:

  • thirsting for Christ (the gospel),
  • reaching out with Christ's love,
  • exalting God in worship, and
  • evangelizing the lost (summarized by the acronym TREE).

We teach through each major discipleship theme in regular rotation. In the Spring we revisited our love for the good news that Christ is to us and cultivated a thirst for it. This Fall we'll following the "reaching out with Christ's love" theme. This time around we'll focus on relationships using Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp's book Relationships: a Mess Worth Making


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