We are committed to presenting our youth mature in Christ and prepared for life after high school. Bethel Youth Group meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30PM. High school and middle school students are welcome!

High School is a highly formative age, a time of great joys and serious challenges. We take our youth seriously. Our earnest desire is to see God at work in our students, growing them in personal godliness as the Holy Spirit opens their eyes to all God has done for them in Christ. The goal is "Godwardness" - fundamental heart change, not mere behavioral change.

Our current practice is to follow a four-week rotation:

  1. First week of the month: a topical Bible study
  2. Second week of the month: engaging a current event from a biblical worldview
  3.  Third week of the month: a formal Bible study through a book of the Bible (currently, Ecclesiastes).
  4. Fourth week of the month: evangelism training
  5. Fifth week (when applicable): fun activity